Finally, a name!

For months, I’ve been wanting to get my blog up and running again. Fueled by excitement and lots of ideas for new dishes, I told my husband over and over how much I wanted to do this. The conversation went a little like this.

“What’s your focus? What’s going to be your hook?”

“My focus is cooking and baking. Duh.”

“That’s too broad. You need to pick something more specific. Remember that Korean woman from “The Next Food Network Star“? She was all over the place. Even Bobby Flay told her to pick something.”

I knew exactly who he was referring to — Debbie Lee from Season Five. She was a bubbly Korean who wanted to do it all, but failed miserably. I said nothing. I knew he was right. Kind of. But what would my “hook” be?? That dilemma became resolved just a few days later. After mentioning my blog (again), I tossed out a few names that had come to mind.  “How about Epicurious Eliza? Or Eliza’s Eats?” John grimaced and continued to walk past me and into the next room. Just before he exited, he called out, “How ’bout you just call yourself “The Butcher’s Daughter” and blog about meat? I mean, you do work in a meat market.” Seconds later, he came back into the living room, a broad smile on his face. “That’s it! It’s perfect! Your dad is a butcher, you work in a butcher shop, and you LOVE meat! That’s it!” I stared at him for a moment, scowling. He was being way too cocky about this. I tried to maintain the scowl, but a smile started to tug at the corners of my mouth. I didn’t want to admit it, but it did sound appealing. I couldn’t maintain the face for long. John has known me too long. “You know I’ve got it,” he said with a grin, then left the room. Sigh. Yep, he’s got it.

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