Menu Plan Monday ~ August 1st

Now that August has arrived, I’m starting to feel that end-of-summer sadness creep up on me. Soon, these long, hot days will make way for chilly, short ones. No longer will my afternoons be filled with lobster rolls and sand castles. Before long, I’ll be shopping for warmer clothes for Logan and trying to squeeze in time for Christmas shopping. Sigh.

Can you tell I love summer? It’s more than half over and I’ve only completed a few things on my summer bucket list! I’ll definitely have to make do with the remaining summer days ahead! Let’s switch topics, before I get too depressed!

Here’s this week’s menu:

Monday: Baltimore Crab Cake Sandwiches with Avocado Sauce, Spinach Salad
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Beef and Chorizo Burgers, Vegetable Chips
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Ham, Brie and Apple Panini, Side Salad
Saturday: Shrimp with Linguine in Creamy Chipotle Sauce, Garlic Bread, Side Salad
Sunday: Leftovers

What’s on your menu this week?

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